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Is this the lull before the storm?

Published 9:08am Thursday, August 23, 2012

We are exactly one week away from the official kickoff of the 2012 college football season.  The usual hype surrounding the start of the college football season is mysteriously missing this year, along with the usual breaking news events that we hear and read about.
With just one week remaining until the Thursday night kickoff on ESPN between South Carolina and Vanderbilt, the news being released from the camps across America, is subdued and business-like.
There are no less than 15 college coaches on the proverbial hot seat.
Most notables are Derek Dooley (Tennessee), Tommy Tuberville (Texas Tech), Brian Kelly (Notre Dame) and Mack Brown (Texas).
For Kelly, it goes without saying; his Irish have the toughest schedule in the country this season. Losing cornerback Lo Wood did not help his position.
Dooley and his mascot “Smokey” are getting to be real close friends. One thing is for sure, it is Dooley who is on the short leash.
After 50 years of existence, the Western Athletic conference will be no more.  There are only seven teams remaining – all but New Mexico State have found homes within other FBS conferences for 2013.
The last time a conference dissolved was in 1995, with the Southwest Conference.
The Florida Gators have announced that their logo will be on the boxes of Pop-Tarts this season. These boxes will be labeled “limited edition.”  It will be Florida Strawberry for the Kellogg’s famous breakfast treat.
Others who have partnered with Kellogg’s are Michigan (Go Blue Strawberry), Georgia (Bulldog Berry), Arkansas (Razorback Red) and North Carolina (Tar Heel Blue).
I wonder what Nick Saban would say about the idea of a picture of Big Al on a Pop Tart box?
Never mind, he is a “Little Debbie” guy and that will not change.
Controversy stills surrounds the BCS and the voting system.
As far as the Coaches Poll is concerned, it will in fact go away when the BCS goes away.  Coaches do not vote, their assigned surrogates do the voting. Any coach worth his salt is concentrating on “his” team, not how others perform.
Translation: the Coaches Poll is a fallacy and lacks validity.
The Associated Press Poll is the oldest and the most recognized of all the voting polls.  It began in 1934 and continually since 1936. The AP awards the “true” national champion each year. It is made up of 60 sportswriters and broadcasters across America.
In Alabama, there is Cecil Hurt from the Tuscaloosa News and Jon Solomon from the Birmingham News. Hurt voted LSU, Southern California and Alabama as the top three in that order for the preseason poll.
The Harris Interactive Poll is made up of 114 former players, coaches and administrators, plus some media members. They replaced the Associated Press after the 2004 season.
The AP asked the BCS, to stop using its rankings in their formula.
The six computers make up the other third of the BCS voting equation.  You know, the computers that have never watched one college game.  They are also skewed, depending upon which part of the country they originate in.
Everyone is now in the by-week mode and game plans will actually begin this weekend.
We will put our game face on next week and hopefully we can put the disturbing off-season to rest.
Until next time.
Meyers is a college football columnist.