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Area resident says ‘Yes to Dress’ on TV

Published 12:02pm Monday, August 20, 2012

By Laura Pemberton, Outlook Staff Writer

LeighAnn Floyd said ‘yes to the dress.’

The daughter of Dadeville Police Sgt. Jonathan Floyd will appear in the Aug. 24 season premiere of ‘Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta.’

She said she felt drawn to apply because the show features Southern girls like her. Floyd was contacted to be on the show two weeks after filling out an online application.

She was torn between two dresses, and ultimately did not purchase the one she selected on air. Floyd said this is the reason she’ll allow fiance, Leo DiCesaris to watch the premiere.

“He knows I didn’t buy the one I said ‘yes’ to so he can watch the show,” she said.

Floyd, a Tallassee resident, met her husband-to-be while attending Huntingdon College. Floyd put herself through college on a softball scholarship, while DiCesaris played football.

Floyd now works as a student minister at Trinity United Methodist Church in Phenix City and as a finance assistant for Headquarter Nissan of Columbus.

She used the income from her two jobs to purchase her dream dress entirely herself so as not to tax her father financially.

“That’s just a financial burden he shouldn’t have to bear,” Floyd said. “My dad is the most amazing dad on the planet. He’s worked so hard to raise us basically by himself.”

Floyd wouldn’t let her father financially contribute to her dress, but she did want his opinion

in Atlanta.

“He’s the only parent who’s ever been there for me consistently. I wanted his opinion,” she said.

Floyd may have grown up with only a single dad, but she had no shortage of mother figures to help her with her dress selection.

“I took an Army of mothers,” Floyd laughed. “I didn’t grow up with a mother, but God blessed me with so many mother figures along the way.”

One of her “adopted moms” along for the trip to Atlanta was Cindy Gillenwaters.

“I have no daughters – just two stinking sons,” Gillenwaters said. “So, to be considered part of her family is so sweet.”

The pearls that will be part of Floyd’s wedding day originally belonged to Gillenwaters’ mother. Gillenwaters also purchased a six pence for Floyd’s shoe while in England.

“Daddies don’t think of those kind of things,” Gillenwaters said. “That’s a momma’s job.”

Gillenwaters and Floyd met in 2007 during a day camp hosted by First Presbertyian and have remained close ever since.

“That’s just the bond we have,” Floyd said. “It’s a wonderful blessing to have her in my life.”

Floyd and Gillenwaters both enjoyed their ‘say yes to the dress’ experience.

“It was so awesome,” Floyd said. “It was a wonderful and very unique experience.”

“It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done,” Gillenwaters said.

The show will air on TLC at 8:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24.