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World’s longest yard sale will pass through Tallapoosa County

Published 2:39pm Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yard sales are a popular pastime that get enthusiasts out of bed early in the morning and keep them all day on the hunt for that special treasure someone else can’t wait to get rid of. Alexander City and the surrounding areas are about to enhance that enthusiasm with a plan to get involved with the world’s longest yard sale Aug. 2–5.

The U.S. 127 Corridor Sale, according to its website, began in 1987 and now spans almost 700 miles through six states.

The sale ends (or begins) in Gadsden,  but Clay, Calhoun, Tallapoosa and Talladega counties want to bring yard sale patrons a little farther south with the 127 Connect.

“We find that being the connector … will drive, we hope, tens of thousands of visitors to this general area,” said Chamber of Commerce president Marvin Wagoner. “People love yard sales. They just love going to yard sales.”

This new leg of the yard sale runs from Gadsden along AL Highway 77 out of Etowah County, through the western edge of Calhoun County and across Talladega County.  The route continues from AL Highway 77 onto AL Highway 49 at Lineville and follows AL Highway 49 south through Clay County down to New Site, where it meets AL Highway 22 and ends at Alexander City.

“The intent of this promotion to be the connector to the 127 yard sale … (is) to, as a Chamber responsibility, to bring visitors and tourists and traffic into this general vicinity,” Wagoner said. “We think this is one strong way, over the next several years, to do just that.”

Joanne Ninesling, Chamber of Commerce special projects coordinator, said she has been to the surrounding communities to share about the Chamber’s upcoming events and generate interest in the yard sale.

“This is a great fundraising opportunity for their volunteer fire departments, or their church groups, or the Boy Scouts,” Ninesling said.

Wagoner said their aim is to bring people down for the yard sale – to buy gas, stay in hotels, and eat in restaurants – and come back after the yard sale and throughout the rest of the year to enjoy the rest of the area amenities.

For those who want to get involved with the 127 Connect, Ninesling and Wagoner had a few words of advice.

Signage: “Be easily seen from the road, and make sure nobody parks right there in front of you … (so) the site won’t be obscured,” Ninesling said.

Clustering: “I’d much rather go to a place where there’s several families and/or organizations that have clustered … so I have more options,” Wagoner said.

Ninesling agreed. “You don’t want to drive 100 feet and then have to stop and then drive another 100 feet and stop,” Ninesling said.

Variety and quality of goods: “Have some variety of goods available,” Ninesling said. “Maybe a barbecue pit or wrought iron or leather work … this is for all that.

“We would encourage people not to bring the garbage that nobody else would have taken,” Ninesling added. “Not the kids clothes that are so stained that even Tide won’t get it out or the recliner that Uncle George dropped his cigar down the side of.”

Refreshments: “It’s not that every cluster site has to have them, but maybe they can say, ‘Up here in Mellow Valley, which is six miles up the road, the volunteer fire department’s got a refreshment stand, and they’re selling ice water and stuff like that,’” Ninesling said.

Anyone can participate in the sale, either by setting up along the route or by placing signs that will direct people out to a yard sale that is not on the route.

Wagoner said they hope connecting to the U.S. 127 yard sale will have a lasting impact for the area.

“We don’t want this as a one-year thing or a two-year thing,” Wagoner said. “We’re going to grow this every year.”

For more information, check out the Facebook page, Hwy 127 Connect (Yard Sale East Central Alabama) or the website at