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Waverly Boogie brings folksy fun

Published 5:31pm Thursday, April 26, 2012

It has been one groovy week.

Last Saturday the 12th Annual Waverly Boogie was held on the lawn of the Standard Deluxe and revelers made merry to the folksy tunes of Soul Coalition of East Alabama, Lazybirds, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Pine Hill Haints, Glossary with Austin Lucas, Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires, and Centro-Matic.

A multi-cultural event that celebrated music and the arts, the Boogie brought out all walks of life and I can attest that the people watching was second to none.

Families and friends spread out on blankets and in lawn chairs, with hotdogs and pizza in hand from the food trucks lining the dirt paths. I left with three t-shirts (made it home with two), a Hurray for the Riff Raff CD, mad hoola hooping skills, and a smile on my face.

Spotted: Jessica & Ryan Sanford, Bess Granger, Jen Bolt, Deidra Baird, Whitney Clanton, Lauren Graves, Tiffani & Richie Henry, Liz Beth Duncan Bermingham, Mack Jackson, Matthew Champion, Justin Toland, Jackson Lilly, Ali Sanford, Mark Gilliland, Blair Taylor, Roger Holliday, Phil Spraggins, Ryan Craig, Shelley McNeal, Gene Robertson, and Clate McDaniel.

As an Auburn Kappa Delta alum, I was invited to attend the Alexander City Kappa Deltas White Rose Tea that was held last Sunday in the beautiful home of Mrs. Madolyn Radney. The tea was held in honor of BRHS senior girls who will be embarking upon collegiate recruitment at various colleges this fall. Punch was sipped as women nibbled cheese straws, pecans, and KD iced petit fours.

It was wonderful to be in the company of such lovely ladies, and I am so excited for the young women going through rush. It is an amazing opportunity to meet so many new people.

Spotted: Madolyn Radney, Ellen Price, Madolyn Price, Jane Holmes, Pam Young, Taylor Yates, Tatum Wilbanks Massey, Carol Wilbanks, Elaine Gwaltney, Stacy Howorth, Jenny Lamberth, Marie Parks, Olivia Lee, Sarah James, Martha Dee White, Catie Radney, Ann Neighbors, Rachel Luckie, Paige Gordon, Savanna Winslett, and Lynden Blake.

Wednesday morning I traveled with the Spring House Garden Club to Jim Scott’s gardens on Lake Martin. I will be writing an upcoming story on the gardens for a summer issue of our magazines, so I must attempt to save my adjectives!

Words do not do the gardens justice.  I have never seen or experienced anything quiet like it. I have seen the home and had a limited view of the gardens from the water before, but there are many hidden treasures beyond the water’s edge.

You explore never ending winding trails under the watchful eyes of stone statutes as you attempt to absorb the beauty that is all around you.

It is magical, mystical…I’ll stop there! It was an amazing treat, and the Garden Club proceeded to dine at Spring House after their exploration. Make arrangements to visit, you will not regret it. Spotted: Sarah & Hugh Neighbors, Mary Lyman Boone, and Sharon Marbury, Ella MacFiggen, Bob & Peggy Clayton, Sandy Thompson, Richie Radney, Andrea Peacock, Barbara Barnes, Betty Barnett, Pat Bice, Terry Parker, Stacy Howorth, Ann Harrison, Carmen Blake, Amanda Foshee, Ruth Paulk, Glendora Turner, Sandra McInnes, Allyn Frohsin, Judy Adams, Dawn Hirn, Jan Fitzgerald, Susie Lagasse, Monique Williams, Millie Rocheleau, & Jan Jung.

On a slightly more somber note, my grandmother-in-law, Mrs. Fannie Bell East Benton, passed away on Tuesday morning at the ripe old age of 92. She was a wonderful woman who loved her family deeply. In the last few weeks of her life, Brown Nursing Home took tender care of her, and Randy Anderson and his crew at Radney Funeral Home were professional and gracious as always. Fannie Bell will be greatly missed, as will her cooking. May we all be lucky enough to live to be 92!

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