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Jackson’s Gap town hall didn’t help

Published 3:53pm Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Editor,

Please hear me out. I made a call to Jackson’s Gap town hall before noon on March 9. It wasn’t a 911 call. I reported what I believe to be a robbery as well as a concern for my own well being as a woman who is alone a good part of the time.

The lady who took my call was a woman by the name of Katherine. After I expressed what was going on around here she told me someone would be out to see and talk with me in a little while.

I thanked her. However, even at this writing no one ever showed up.

All week long this white young male has been going through the woods in front of my house on Pritchard Road, dragging things from the house that burned up on Rock Spring.

Katherine asked could I describe his car. I replied that he doesn’t have a car, that he used a hand truck with a garbage can attached to it. However, sometimes he leaves the metal panels by the woods. Then during the night a truck comes and picks up the pieces. I saw things laying against the trees.

The young man involved has been told to stay out of my yard. He hasn’t been in my yard. However, I don’t know what the other ones might do.

The main reason to call is I want to feel safe in my own house.

I know I can’t keep anyone off Pritchard Road, even if ti does dead-end in Mrs. Johnson’s yard, the house after mine.

Jackson’s Gap town hall, in my opinion, failed to do their job. What’s your opinion? What’s your view?

Cynthia Wyatt

Jackson’s Gap