Crunched: Erika Lindsay Britton’s 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier was hit so hard that the doors had to be cut off to get her out. Submitted | The Outlook

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Two injured in hit and run

Published 2:38pm Monday, February 27, 2012

A two-vehicle accident Monday night sent a woman and her 6-month-old son to the hospital, while the driver of the other vehicle fled from the scene before police arrived.

At around 7:45 p.m. Monday, Erika Lindsay Britton, 24, of Goodwater, was driving in her 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier when it was hit by a late model sedan.

Britton was transported by air to Baptist Medical Center South for treatment and her 6-month-old son, who was in the vehicle, was transported to Russell Medical Center. Britton said that both her and her son received multiple injuries from the accident but are recovering.

“My whole left side of my body is swollen, and I have bruises from head to toe,” Britton said. “My son has a black eye, a knot on the back of his head, bruises on his legs from the car seat and little nicks and cuts all over his head from the glass.”

Britton said she was pulling out of the highway department when the car hit her.

“I had crossed the first part of 280 and saw another car in the outside lane, but he was far enough away that I felt comfortable pulling out in the inside lane,” Britton said. “I remember him hitting me, and I remember hearing the crunch, but the next thing I knew, I woke up and heard my son crying.”

Her car, she said, was so badly damaged from the impact that emergency personnel had to cut her door off to get her our of the vehicle.

“The impact was so hard that it pushed the frame forward and none of my doors would open,” Britton said.
After spinning several times, Britton’s car came to rest in the median, where it was discovered and police were called.

“No matter what happens, as long as my son is okay, I will be okay,” Britton said. “I just hope somebody knows the person responsible for this because it could have killed a six-month-old baby.”

State troopers continue to investigate the incident, and nothing further is available at this time.

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