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Light switch brings cheer all year

Published 6:02pm Monday, December 12, 2011

Covering my light switch on my living room wall is a jolly, happy-souled snowman.

Yes, he has a corncob pipe, a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.

But what makes him so special and so magical is not the fact that he looks like Frosty, but because, to me, he is the symbol of the beginning of the Christmas season, and the story of how he came to my home warms my heart all year long.

When I was really young and could finally work a screwdriver, every Christmas my mother would let me put the snowman light switch cover up while we were decorating the house.

Then a few years later my brother came along, and when he was old enough to understand that I was the only one getting to put the light switch cover up, he wanted the privilege as well.

From then on, every Christmas he and I would “fight” over who got to put up the snowman.

My family moved around a lot when I was younger so I have many memories in many different houses, but in one of our homes, the light switch actually connected with the wall socket that the Christmas tree was plugged in to.

And since my brother and I are a good eight years apart, I would always find it very unfair when he would get to initiate the Christmas season with the flick of the switch, as the Christmas tree would come to life, colored lights and all.

This year marks the second Christmas I will celebrate with my husband, and while I love getting to start new traditions and decorating my new home with him, I miss the silly bickering between my brother and I along with decorating and initiating the holidays with my close family.

But let me go back just a bit and tell you just how the snowman got to my living room wall …

The December before I got married, some of my close friends gave me a Christmas wedding shower.

Every gift was special, but one gift brought a flood of emotions that turned into tears.

There inside the gift box was the snowman light switch cover.

My mother turned to me as tears welled in my eyes, and she said my brother wanted me to have it.

In that moment I realized just how different my Christmases were going to be from then on.

Flash forward to my first Christmas with my husband; I put my snowman light switch cover up proudly for all my houseguests to see.

Frosty was there through the New Year, and as I slowly took down all of my Christmas decorations, he was also there to watch me decorate for Valentine’s Day, do some spring cleaning, cool down in my air-conditioned house during the summer months, see the school year begin again, decorate for Halloween and host Thanksgiving for my wonderful family.

It wasn’t really until I began to decorate this Christmas that I realized I had never taken him down.

And you know what, I really don’t think I have any intention of taking him down.

As silly as it may sound, Frosty reminds me that the spirit of Christmas doesn’t have to come around just once a year but can stay with us all year long.

He reminds me how blessed I am to have a loving brother, family and husband.

This Christmas I hope you too will be reminded of your blessings, even through something as simple as a snowman light switch.

Jessica Hargett is a staff writer for The Outlook.