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Pay-it-forward blessings

Published 1:29pm Monday, October 31, 2011

Living in a small house can have its disadvantages, at least for my husband and me.

Take last Sunday, for instance, since my husband is a youth minister we had a youth group Halloween party at our home.

And while we had a great time, with close to 30 youth in my open kitchen, dining room and living room, our small living quarters were a bit … crowded.

During the three-hour stretch I had to sneak outside a time or two to the bonfire or over to the basketball court just to get a little breathing room.

It’s moments like that I wish I had an enormous house with enough room to house the entire town of Eclectic.

But even with that being said, our small space also brings me great joy, and sometimes reminds me how fortunate we are – we all are – to live where we do.

I was watching a video on CNN the other day about four young girls, all about 15 years old, from four different parts of the world.

The first girl they showed lives in London, England.

The second girl lives in Delhi, India.

The third girl lives in Tigre in the providence of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

And the fourth girl they showed lives in Muteni Village in Eastern Kenya.

I think I probably watched this video about seven or eight times, but the first time really got my attention, and the fourth girl will forever remain in my heart and on my mind.

All four girls live “normal” lives for their societies, but three of the four, in my opinion, have it pretty good compared to the fourth girl.

The fourth girl’s name is Dorcas Kanini.

Dorcas’ parents died when she was one year old, and she now lives with her grandparents in a primitive hut on a hillside outside her village.

Her younger cousin also lives with them and they walk several miles to school together, after they have risen at 4 a.m. to study by the light of a small kerosene lamp and then at 6 a.m. to fetch water from a stream nearby for bathing, cooking and washing water.

Their clothes and shoes have holes in them.

In the video the other three girls talked of eating breakfast in the morning prepared by their parents, along with a packed lunch.

Dorcas confessed she’s used to not eating breakfast.

After watching that video God tugged at my heart once again and showed me just how fortunate we all are.

As Americans we really do live in a privileged society despite the moaning and groaning of unhappy citizens.

I’ve found myself moaning and groaning a time or two, but here’s the deal …

I truly believe that God gives each of us our circumstances, even Dorcas’, to glorify him, to show his unfailing love and to bless each other in his name.

Dorcas may never know how her circumstances blessed my life and showed me what it is to truly feel grateful for the life I have and the ever-changing circumstances that are always thrown my way. In turn, her blessing me has helped me to want to bless others by sharing with those who really need it, no matter what circumstance they’re in.

Thank you Dorcas. May God bless your life with his salvation, his peace and his unfailing love.

Jessica Hargett is a staff writer for The Outlook.