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CCA starts fast, defeats LWMA

Published 2:05am Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sixteen seconds into last night’s game against the Cornertone Christian Chargers, CCA took a 6-0 lead with a touchdown against Lyman Ward Military Academy.

After second down, the Chargers took the ball for their second touchdown, but the Rangers deflected the Chargers attempt at an extra point.

The Chargers soon recovered the ball and struck back with another touchdown and extra point with 6:16 left on the clock, bringing their score to 20-0.
Within a minute, the Rangers defense failed to block the Chargers offense, allowing CCA to gain seven more points. After a Jared Gustin tackle, the Chargers took the ball the next play and end to the end zone, advancing the scoreboard to 34-0 at the end of the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter the Rangers received two penalties, which allowed the Chargers to grab another seven.

The Rangers took the ball with Carlos Vargus running 80-yards, leading the Rangers to their end where their next play gave them a touchdown, putting Lyman Ward on the scoreboard at 41-6.

The six points did not faze CCA, and the Chargers took to the endzone again for another touchdown.

Jared Gustin denied their extra point with a block, and the teams went into half with a score of 47-6 in favor of CCA.

The Rangers took the ball at the beginning of the third quarter at the 15-yard line. Rangers then took the ball to the 23-yard line for their second down.
The Rangers came back offensively, scoring the first touchdown of the third quarter bringing the score up to 47-12.

After their extra point attempt failed, Martin Jaurequi kicked off the ball into the endzone to slow the CCA offense

The Rangers first drive of the third quarter fell short with an incomplete pass.

In the third quarter, the Rangers vamped up their defense, preventing the Chargers from scoring. The score would remain 47-12 into the fourth quarter

Lyman Ward began the fourth quarter off offensively scoring two touchdowns within the first three minutes for a score of 46-20.

The deficit didn’t seem to faze the Rangers as they brought the ball back to their endzone, gaining another touchdown for a score of 53-26.

With 1:11 left in the fourth quarter, neither team scored another point leaving the scoreboard at 53-26.

Although the loss takes LWMA to 0-4, they had a a strong second half offense and defense.

“Win or lose I want my players to grow as men not only in football but in life,” explains Coach Dwayne Thomas.

LWMA will look to get their first win of the year next week at Glenwood Academy.