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Field day brings back fond memories

Published 6:42pm Monday, August 8, 2011

If you had known me when I was a child, you would have known I was quiet, shy and a sweet little angel who was a bit sassy at times.

I was also very curious, exploring the imaginative unknown with my best friend Kelli.

She and I would ride our bikes up and down the road between our houses in Wadley, which is just a few miles northeast of Alexander City.

We would also make “tasty” concoctions out of leaves, mud, rocks and berries we found in our backyards, pretending we were visiting foreign lands while climbing and falling out of trees.

I guess you could say we were sort of like “tomboys.”

We liked the open air more than dolls and frilly things but also played the occasional game of “school” or “house.”

Thinking back, I truly enjoyed those times of running wild and free with no agenda.

Also thinking back, I remember when Kelli and I played tee ball on the local “First Bank” team.

It wasn’t much. We only wore baseball caps and T-shirts with the team’s name imprinted on them and our numbers on the back, whatever shorts we could find at home and regular sneakers.

But even though it wasn’t much, it was still something. It was a chance for us to get outside and have fun, to learn teamwork and to meet other kids in our community.

Now, I can’t say that I was the best tee ball player on the team, and I also can’t say I went on to be a junior league softball player who went on to play for her college team.

I can’t even say that I paid much attention while I was on the tee ball field.

My mom still laughs when she recalls how I would sit in the outfield, picking flowers, watching the ball roll right by me.

I even remember being very apathetic when someone from the other team hit a ball my way and it rolled between my legs.

I just watched the other players as they ran by as they tried to retrieve the ball, while my parents were screaming for me to run after the ball instead of just stand there.

Nonetheless, I was outside, having fun.

Those fun times out on the field had become a distant memory until this past Saturday when I visited the Alexander City Sports Foundation’s first Field Day.

Seeing all 75 kids at the Charles E. Bailey Sportplex football field, engaging in sports of all kinds, made me feel exuberated once again.

I loved getting to see kids outside, running around, having fun.

You don’t see that a lot in our society of video game systems, unlimited television and social media networks on the Internet.

Saturday’s Field Day was a chance for kids to run, kick, jump and throw while interacting with other kids.

They were smiling, laughing and having a wonderful time even though it seemed to be hotter than the surface of the sun.

All in all, I write this column to applaud the ACSF for their efforts to enhance youth athletic programs in the community.

My hope now would be for community members to get involved with ACSF to continue to promote active lifestyles for the youth of our future.

I would also hope for parents to see how important it is to get their children involved in sports or at least get them active, no matter what it might be.