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Southern Linc to build guyed tower in New Site

Published 7:14pm Tuesday, May 24, 2011

By Jason Johnson

The New Site Town Council voted Monday to allow Southern Linc to continue plans to build a guyed tower in New Site.

The tower is to be placed on the property of New Site resident James Edwards off of Highway 22.

Representatives at the meeting said the tower would be 400 feet tall and would provide adequate signal all the way back to the Southern Linc tower in Alexander City. Once the environmental permits and Tallapoosa County building permits are acquired, construction of the tower will begin.

Southern Linc said it would be late summer or early fall before the guyed tower is operational.

In other news, the council voted no to a proposition for Tim Johnson to survey a water project off of County Road 79. They’ve opted instead to look around for a surveyor who will do the work at a lower price.

Police Chief John McKelvey gave an update on a recent string of vandalism.  He said a number of mailboxes in the area have been broken, vandalized or stolen.  New Site Police have no leads yet but feel strongly that local kids are to blame.

Finally the council discussed the qualifications for the position of Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk and decided that both would continue to be considered full time positions, which would require that the people filling both those positions work 36 hours per week.