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County commission OKs construction of well in Jackson’s Gap

Published 8:09pm Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Tallapoosa County Commission met Monday, May 9, and approved a grant for a water well to be constructed under Jackson’s Gap Water Authority.

Representative Billy Bell said Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood asked them to do a well study on the Jackson’s Gap service area.

After doing the well study and looking at three different locations, he said they built a test well near Buttston Road in Dadeville.

“There are not any guarantees at this point, but we know that we’ve got a well that is capable of producing 300 gallons per minute which is a very good producing well,” Bell said. “The water tests have been sent off to the lab to be analyzed. We don’t anticipate any problems with the quality of the water. We’ve got the quantity we need to serve that area of the county.”

Commissioner Emma Jean Thweatt asked Bell again if the well would be sufficient to give water to Buttston and Dudleyville.

“Commissioner, this will be enough water to serve everyone up that way,” Bell said. “Three hundred gallons a minute would equate to 70 to 80 gallons a month (per household). But of course they’ve been without water for so long they may drink 70 to 80 gallons a month.”

The Commission approved a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) grant, which will help with turning the current test well into a working well.

In other news, the Commission approved the appointment of a new member, Leonard McKelvey, to the Board of Director’s of the Jackson’s Gap Water Authority.