Green: The Rev. Jeremy Johnson builds a composter with students at Stephens Elementary School Tuesday afternoon. The class will use the composter to break down scraps of food from the school’s cafeteria. | Dale Liesch

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Baking up some garden lasagna

Published 7:41pm Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In an effort to make the school more green, Laurie Barrett’s class at Stephens Elementary School was neck deep in a lesson on composting.

The Rev. Jeremy Johnson, a parent and pastor of Liberty Baptist Church, helped the students build two composters with the help of a 30-gallon drum and a 55-gallon drum donated by Brock Hill of Hill Petroleum.

Johnson and the students attached the barrels to a pole that was attached to a wooden frame.

Helping to build the composters was the culmination of a unit on composting for the students.

“The kids have been researching landfill alternatives,” Barrett said. “This is one way to do it at home. There is no better way to learn about something than do it yourself.”

The students even watched a video on garden lasagna, or the layer process for compost.

“It kind of gave us a recipe,” Barrett said.

Student Trenton McCain explained the recipe.

“The colors are green and brown,” he said. “Green is banana peels, grass clippings and rotten apples. Brown is cardboard, twigs and leaves.”

McCain said the colors are then layered.

“Start on ground with brown and then soil and then green,” he said.

Barrett said the class would begin the composting process with scraps from the lunchroom. She said Johnson helped start the process with scraps from a deck that was built on the church.