Dr. George Hardy points to a portion of the large painting of a face he brought as a visual aid to explain different dental procedures to students at Radney School.

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Radney students learn oral hygiene

Published 10:13pm Friday, March 4, 2011

A Friday assembly at Radney School had students smiling from ear to ear.

Local dentist Dr. George Hardy spoke to fifth and sixth graders at the school about proper oral care and basic dentistry.

Hardy brought a painting of a smiling mouth with him to show the students what a good smile looks like.

“I basically brought the picture to show what a beautiful healthy smile is,” Hardy said after the presentation. “The picture is a hand painting, but it looks like a photograph. It makes you smile.”

Hardy used the painting, which usually hangs in his office on Church Street, to show the students the end result of proper dental hygiene. He also spent some time discussing procedures and details about home care.

He said he does the assembly each year and expects to talk to third and fourth graders at Stephens Elementary in April.

Paula Clark, regional coordinator for the Bureau of Children’s Health Insurance, said the assembly was held in conjunction with dental month in February. The goal is to raise awareness about dental health to students all over Alabama, Clark said.

“We wanted to bring this to the forefront,” Clark said.

As part of the assembly, students were handed toothbrushes as they left the Radeny gym.