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County may close two schools

Published 8:56pm Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Tallapoosa County Schools could be closed due to revenue shortfalls, said Tallapoosa County Superintendent Philip Baker.

The board will decide the fate of Edward Bell School in Camp Hill at its next meeting and the board will hold a forum on the fate of Councill Middle School on March 31, Baker said.

“Nothing has been decided yet, it’s just an option on the table,” Baker said. “Closing schools would not solve our problem completely, it’s just a piece of the puzzle.”

While additional proration does compound the problem, Baker said the school system will have to deal with the loss of $1.7 million in stimulus funding, starting in September. He said the money was being used to save jobs.

“We’ve got to find a way to make some of that up,” Baker said.

Closing Councill could likely save the school board $110,000, Baker said.

The majority of Edward Bell students would be moved to schools in Dadeville if the school in Camp Hill closes. Baker said if Councill closes, students would be split among Dadeville High School and Dadeville Elementary School. Currently Dadeville students in fifth, sixth and seventh grades attend Councill. If the school is closed DES would house students in K-6, while DHS would handle students in grades 7-12, Baker said. He said Councill’s teachers would move with the students.

The public forum to discuss the idea of closing Councill will be held in the courtroom of the Tallapoosa County Courthouse on Thursday, March 31 at 6 p.m.

The board’s next meeting will be held Monday at 5 p.m. in the Tallapoosa County Courthouse.

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  • talladega2012

    Edward Bell School is an necessay asset to its community.
    It has many educational components that several school do not possess in the county. It has a aquatic learning center where tilapia is thriving. The center helps the students learn more about marine life. It has a greenhouse which nurses plants for later distribution in the community garden. This center helps students learn more about horticulture and why plants are important for our survival. The classrooms are high tech with motion sensor lighting, white boards, and projector screens that are lowered from the ceiling. They also have 2 computer centers-one for elementary and the other for high school. It is not feasible, in this day and time, to close this school when technology and hands on application are so important. When closing a school it is very important to look at the school’s assests and what it has to offer the students and the community. Forseeability is an attribute one needs to possess to predict the possible outcome of such an act. Have the consequences been weighed? or Is it just the easiest route to close EBHS?