Riding along: Wayne Keel, 73, (front) rides a MXB Moto GT around the yard of his farm in Alexander City as his son, Andy, looks on. Andy Keel invented the Motocrossboard, which allows riders to ride like their on a snowboard, but without the snow. | Brent Maze

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Boarding on wheels

Published 9:37pm Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Andy Keel has found a way to bring the adrenaline rush of snowboarding to the Deep South.

The Alexander City native invented the Motocrossboard (MXB), which is garnering attention nationally and globally. The MXB will be featured on “Modern Marvels” on the History channel this March. It will also be featured in the Gadget Show in the United Kingdom later this year.

Keel said he’s excited that to see his invention is getting so much attention.

“As many as 4 million people will see this invention between ‘Modern Marvels’ and the Gadget Show,” Keel said. “That’s just amazing that my invention may get this kind of attention.”

Keel said he’s been working on this invention for more than six years. He first began working on the MXB in 2004 and has refined his invention into a marketable, easily assembled product by October 2010.

“The first model I made cost about $500 to make,” Keel said. “I took a bike and made it into a motocross board using just about anything I could find. It worked and ever since then I’ve been refining it into what I have today.”

Keel is currently marketing two models to customers: the gas-powered MXB Moto GT and the electric MXB Shocker. He added that the top speed of the electric version is around 20 miles per hour, which is faster than the gas-powered version.

Keel said he wanted to make the electric version to go faster so that more users might use the electric version opposed to the gas model.

“The Shocker has more torque, more speed than the gas version,” Keel said. “Not only is it green, but it’s also uses a much more efficient, more stable battery. Once you charge it up, it will last for one hour and it only takes two hours to charge.”

Keel was recently contacted by “Modern Marvels” to set up a film session to feature the MXB. A portion of the segment will be taped at an Alexander City farm owned by Keel’s parents.

In fact, Keel will get his 73-year-old father, Wayne, to ride the MXB on camera to prove that anyone can ride it.

“Once you get started, it’s pretty easy to ride,” Wayne Keel said of the MXB. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Keel said that Alexander City has played a large role in the development of the MXB. Thus, that’s why he’s wanted part of the taping to be done here.

“I’m glad some scenes from Alex City will be on the show,” Keel said. “Being in the gifted program in Alex City schools really helped me tap into my potential to conceive this. And, a lot of testing of the concept and prototypes, including the first test ride ever, took place in Alex City.”

For more information about the MXB, log on to www.motocrossboard.com.