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‘T’was three weeks before Glendale’

Published 7:33pm Monday, December 20, 2010

Last week, a story was featured on the front page of The Birmingham News detailing one lawyer’s request to postpone a Jan. 10 trial so she can cheer on Auburn in the BCS National Championship game in Glendale, Ariz. that same day.

The lawyer, LaBella Alvis, evoked “The Night Before Christmas” in her creative trial-delay request featuring the following:

“T’was three weeks before Christmas / When all through the muck / Not a creature was stirring / Not even a Duck / January 10th is the showdown when Oregon meets its fate / But alas, this falls on the same date. / So please, please please judge / Consider my plea / ‘Cause this is a game / I really want to see!”

Opposing counsel Patrick Lavette responded with reworked lyrics to the carol “Silent Night.” Although the story said Lavette is an Alabama fan, he knew better than to object the motion since his wife is an Auburn graduate and fan. Lavette made his approval conditional, telling Alvis she must sing his lyrics at the hearing, which began with “Title Night/Champion Fight” and ended with the line:

“Oh, what a game it could be! Especially if seen personally.”

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Scott Vowell later proved to be more Santa than Scrooge by issuing his own order, in verse:

“But wait! Christmas is only two weeks away / And not much time would be lost with a short delay. / The court must be fair to every side, / and last year a trial was postponed for the Tide. / So defendant’s motion is granted; the case will be reset / But counsel are cautioned that not on a bet / Will any further delay be made legal. / And, in closing, by the way, WAR EAGLE!”

Since I’m planning to be at the game myself Jan. 10 cheering on Auburn, the story filled me with Christmas cheer. I’m taking my first ever vacation days since taking a job with Tallapoosa Publishers last February so I can fly out to Arizona for a few days and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve booked my flight and hotel, and am hoping Santa will leave me a ticket to the game under my tree later this week.

Which leaves me inspired to write my own holiday ditty evoking “The Night Before Christmas” in hopes a reader can help old Saint Nick out with the task of finding a game ticket at a reasonable price.

So here goes:

“T’was three weeks before Glendale / When the Tigers and Ducks will see who’s best / The trip is planned / Almost time to fly out West / There’s just one small problem / One wrinkle to iron out / I still need a ticket / Can someone give me a shout? / I’d be really grateful / I’d feel very blessed / For all I want for Christmas / Is to see the Tigers win the BCS!”

Natalie Nettles is a staff writer for The Alexander City Outlook.