Archived Story

Water project in trouble?

Published 8:58pm Monday, November 29, 2010

Uncertainty surrounds the Buttston-Daviston water extension project as the Town of New Site continues to debate when to move forward with the first leg of the project.

As previously reported by The Outlook, former State Rep. Betty Carol Graham and former State Sen. Ted Little attended the Oct. 25 New Site Town Council meeting alongside representatives from the Coosa Valley RC&D Council to present a $50,000 check to members of the city council. Graham said she and Little were able to obtain $50,000 through the general fund appropriation for the project to allow New Site to construct the first leg of the extension, that would go down Highway 79 into Buttston.

But questions have since developed regarding the engineering and cost of the project.

“We all were under the assumption I think when they brought us a check a couple weeks ago, that there was all there was to it,” New Site mayor Curtis Mims said at the council meeting Nov. 8. “Now it seems we’ve got to fill out papers for a grant to get the check.”

Eddie May, coordinator of the RC&D Council, said

Monday that the council has awarded the community development grant to the Town of New Site through the state legislature and the money is set aside specifically to give to the town for the water extension project.

“The bottom line … is they’re going to do $50,000 worth of work,” he said. “They’ll see where that takes them … and then when the $50,000 runs out they can get reimbursed.”

May said there is no time limit for the project.

Mims expressed at the Nov. 8 meeting his concerns about the logistics of the project, stating that it was his understanding that the county would be furnishing the equipment and helping the town out with the labor as well.

“We’ve got to find out if the county is going to supply the help like they said they were at the start to do this job,” Mims said at the Nov. 22 meeting.

Councilman Loyd Cotney said at the Nov. 8 meeting that he also thought they needed to figure out exactly how far New Site would carry the project.

“There’s been some statements made that the whole project would be run through New Site and I don’t think a project going to Buttston ought to be run through our license, or be attributed to our system,” he said. “We shouldn’t be responsible for that in any way.”

The council also expressed concerns about how far $50,000 would go on the project.

“I think we need to pursue it and check on it a little more and do some engineering on it,” councilman Mickey Carter said at the council meeting Nov. 22. “I’m for it … all of us sitting in this room don’t know how bad it is not to have water. Every one of us can turn the faucet on and take a bath tonight. You’ve got people over there that we could possibly take this money and put water to, and churches, and all. If we got out here and got some in-kind labor and the county would help us some – It’d be a shame to let $50,000 get away when we could put a little more money to it and turn their water on.”

New Site town secretary Sheila Fuller said Monday they are waiting on some phone calls about the issue and she’s not sure what the council will do at their next meeting Dec. 13.

“We still have questions we need to work out,” Fuller said.