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Thursday was perfect for Veterans, Armistice Day

Published 7:53pm Tuesday, November 16, 2010

We had a beautiful sunny weather week and then rains we needed badly.

At home, we had worked outside getting things ready, raking pine straw, trimming shrubs and cleaning leaves from the gutters, just in time for the lengthy rains.

My Auntie Ivy called on Saturday from Hertfordshire, England. She calls me several times a year, as she finds writing difficult. Ivy married my father’s brother Eric, who when he was about 38 died from a brain aneurism; and some time later she met Stanley Adams who became her partner in life. They used to go ballroom dancing, and Stan played the organ quite well, so they’d go on trips for him to play; they enjoyed life together. Stanley (82+) dropped dead on Friday morning at home, after having blackouts of unknown origin for some time and early Alzheimer’s. Please remember my Auntie Ivy in your prayers, she is 81.

Last Thursday was perfect for all Veteran honoring activities; celebrated in England as Armistice Day. For this day all of my life, the British Legion, and War Veterans have sold red paper poppies as a symbol of admiration and gratitude for all who fought. When I was a girl, a Veteran used to come to each home on our road, selling poppies, only asking a few pennies to help the Vets, and we were so very proud to wear our red poppies.

Really saddening news came from Central London last Thursday during a gathering of people paying respects to brave soldiers, and then the two minutes of silence was broken by Muslims, holding banners saying, “British Soldiers Burn in Hell,” also they burned red poppies. I don’t know how these people can get away with such behavior; when the rest of us are expected to be Politically correct; which is unfair!

We have to stay brave to protect the respect due to all who fought for peace.

I got butter shock last week, literally. I knew all grocery prices were growing in leaps and bounds; but butter at over $4/pound. I don’t use margarine as it is just one molecule away from being plastic. When I saw butter on sale at $3, I thought that seemed high, but it turned out to be the deal. I make what I can, and grow a garden in the summer; but some things just cannot be made by most of us; so we shall buy less and get thinner.

I saw a UPS driver in Alexander City last week; I asked how I go about getting my new E-911 address corrected as UPS sends my mail to Coosa Road No. 2 instead of No. 4. He said that UPS told their workers that we will not be using E-911 addresses for Coosa County until after Jan. 1st. This could cause a multitude of problems with Christmas coming. We got the official letter last month from our Equality Postmaster Sarah Griggs, that we can begin using our new addresses. Some homes have the new numbers on signs or mailboxes, some do not, so this transition may be more difficult than first expected.

Happy anniversary to Herb and Irma Traylor of Equality, they celebrate 51 years on the 21.

Happy birthday to Deborah Dupriest on the 20, and Geraldine Forbus on the 23, both of Kellyton.

About 10 days ago, Coosa No. 4 got the best road-side hair-cut ever; the small trees and shrubs got trimmed way back, making vision so much better; but do look out for the pair of Bambi’s that cross the road a mile from Hwy. 9 each day in mid-afternoon.

Have a great week, and like me, look forward to all the great food coming at Thanksgiving.

Until next week….keep smiling.

Rosie Morgan is a columnist for The Alexander City Outlook covering Nixburg and Equality.