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Coosa County appoints E-911 board

Published 12:00am Tuesday, June 14, 2005

After months of consideration and planning, the Coosa County Commission appointed members to a newly created 911 board Tuesday.

“We have been discussing this for a long, longtime,” Robert Davis, commission chairman, said. “This is the right step to take and with this resolution we’re a step closer to getting 911 mapping in the county.”

The board consists of seven members including appointments by each commissioner and representatives from Coosa County Dispatch and Goodwater Dispatch.

“We needed to appoint the board so they could proceed with this,” Les Sellers, Coosa County Emergency Management Agency director, said. “We had to make sure by appointing this board would not start a clock ticking for E-911 in Coosa County.”

The Emergency Management Communications Authority Board will make decisions regarding 911 mapping.

“We have been collecting wireless 911 money and if we were to access that money to do preliminary work, we needed to appoint the board because they are instrument to access the funds,” Sellers said.

The Coosa County 911 board will use the more than $55,000 in funds to facilitate the commissioning of a 911 map of the county. Major proponents of the 911 mapping are emergency personnel such as volunteer fire fighters, police officers and EMS workers.

“This something that is definitely needed,” Corey Thomas, county commissioner, said. “We just wanted to make sure we were going about things the right way.”

Members of the board include James Spencer, Chief Gerald Whetstone, Mark Alred, Alan Wingfield, Joseph McKinney, Paul Perrett and Chief Tommy Abrams.

“I think this a good group of people that will be a step in the right direction for us,” Randall Dunham, county commissioner, said.

The board will act freely of the commission.

“The have the power to make decisions separate from the county,” Unzell Kelley, county commissioner, said. “All the authority lies with the board after we appoint them.”