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Young prepares for office

Published 12:00am Saturday, September 18, 2004

Even though Barbara Young doesn’t take office until October, she’s already stepping into her new role as mayor.

Young defeated incumbent Don McClellan by just 56 votes in a runoff Tuesday. She has two weeks to prepare for her new job, and that preparation started Tuesday night after the election results were finalized.

“I’ve just got barely two weeks, and what I’ll be doing is talking with the staff,” she said. “I’ll be looking at the status of things. There’s a council meeting Monday, and if there are any finance meetings I’ll be there. I’ll be attending all meetings. I just want to observe and learn as much as I can.”

Young served one term on the city council, but this will be her first time to serve as mayor. However, the Young family is no stranger to politics.

Her son Tom Young Jr. is circuit judge, and Young’s husband, the late Tom Young Sr., also was an elected judge.

Young said her husband would be shocked yet happy to know she was leading the town.

“I think he’s be happy for me,” she said. “He knew that I enjoyed the council and loved it for four years. He would have been excited. Our lives have always been in politics.”

While Young is familiar with politics, she said she’s not always pleased with the process.

She knows there a lot of hard work in store for her, and she just hopes everyone will work together to make the transition a smooth one.

“I hope to be meeting with the mayor the first of next week, so we can make this as smooth transition,” Young said. “All the divisions need to be put behind us. We’ve got one thing to do, and that’s working for Alexander City, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Since Young was elected, she said all six council members have contacted her, and she hopes to meet with McClellan soon.

“I have talked with the council members,” she said. “They’ve all called and said we’ll all be working together, so I really appreciate that.”

Young has also been inundated with calls from the community congratulating her on her new post.

She said Tuesday night she came home to 18 messages, and it hasn’t stopped since then.

Young officially takes office Oct. 4, but for her, her new jobs started Tuesday evening when the final votes were counted.

As promised during her campaign, Young said she is dedicated herself to finding good paying jobs for the city as well as working with existing businesses. She said education and seniors also would be a priority.

“That’s what I’ve said all along, and that’s what I’m going to do,” she said. “Now I’ve just got to get in there and see the status of everything, and see what projects are going on. I certainly want to honor the obligations of the past administration.”